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Friday, April 4, 2014

Fly Pattern - Bead Head Olive Grizzly Bugger

A lot of great fly patterns, or variations, come about by a fly tyer taking a peak in his kit and wondering, "hmmm, what can I put together with this pile of scraps?" Case in point; my grizzly bugger. I have a big pack of grizzly hackle for my mosquito pattern so, with the burden of choice lifted, that's what goes on the bugger. I think it looks all right, I would like to see it with a black body instead? Like always feel free to share your thoughts!

Tying the Grizzly Bugger:

Step One:
Take a size 8-10 nymph hook and toss on a bead head. (Remember to pinch your barbs and give the body of your hook a slight twist first). Start your thread immediately behind the bead and work back.

Step Two:
Take a few strands of your marabou and trim the ends. This is best done by taking the spine of your scissors and tearing the loose strands. This produces a much more natural result than simply cutting the ends. Tie this on the the tail end of your hook, and tie off towards the bead.

Step Three:
Return your thread to the tail and tie on a piece of wool for the body, move your thread to the bead again and tie off the wool after wrapping the body.

Step Four:
Select a piece of grizzly hackle and tie it on behind the bead. Wrap around to the rear, and then back towards the bead to tie off. A quick whip finish and a dab of cement and the bugger is complete!

Like always I'll accept any comments or feedback! Check out a few other patterns.

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