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Friday, April 4, 2014

Fly Pattern - North of Forty Chironomid

If you're confused about the name of this Chironomid, let me take a minute to explain... I tied up this chrony in red and green, I wanted to call it a Christmas Chironomid (because, you know, red and green...) but it doesn't quite fit the standard Christmas Chironomid archetype. Alright, so what else can I identify the red and green motif with then? Like any good Canadian, the venerable Red Green show should be the first thing to come to mind. Hardcore fans will remember a recurring session where Red doles out sage advice from behind his fly ting bench, the segment is called "North of Forty", hence the name. Stay tuned for my next foray into flys named after classic Canadian pop culture shows as we walk you through the steps of tying the Green Bastard!

Tying the North of Forty Chironomid:

Step One:
Select one of those fancy chironomid nymph hooks in your favorite size. Pinch your barbs and add a slight bend. Thread your bead on and start your thread immediately behind the head. 

Step Two:
At the bend tie in a length of red silk, as well as some gold or silver wire or ribbing. Bring your thread back to the bead. From here wrap the body with your silk and tie off, then add your ribbing and tie off as well.

Step Three:
Finally, tie in a section of peacock hearl right behind the bead. Wrap several times, and tie off. Finish with a whip finish and add a generous dab of ceement to complete.

Please share your thoughts and comments! My other patterns can be found over here.

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