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Friday, December 12, 2014

Trip Report! - Allstones Lake Alberta 2014

Allstones lake. You may be noticing a trend in the locations of some of my previous trip reports and could even make the observation that I don't really get outside of a particular neighborhood. The neighborhood I'm referring to is David Thompson Country and it's true, I haven't ventured too far outside this region, at least with respect to my backpacking trips. And I don't intend to, at least not in the short term anyways. You can see in the map pictured below what I'm talking about; all of my previous overnight mountain adventures detailed on this site have been in roughly the same area and the next couple I have planned are as well. I might have developed a familiarity with the region, but I certainly don't feel like I've come close to seeing everything these mountains have to offer. I can't wait to get out next year.

Hopefully, if you are using the site as a tool to plan some of your own trips you are starting to get a few options. We've already detailed the exact GPS locations of the trails and trailheads of some relatively serious overnight trips in this area, but if you're just hoping to get your feet wet, or introduce someone new to the sport there should be something a little less daunting, right? Right. This brings me to Allstones, as you will be able to see in the charts and maps detailed below it is a great deal more forgiving than some of the others in the area. All this makes for a great day trip, which is what we did the first week of September. 


My little section of Alberta where we seemed to have focused our backpacking efforts. When you find something that works, why change? If you're looking for some trip details in this area I think I am starting to develop a nice little collection of reports.



I really don't like getting too wordy with the trip reports. If pictures are worth a thousand words - then these are certainly more articulate than me. When I read over other's reports I generally just look at the pictures and see if it's a trip I'm interested in and then I check for information on the trailhead and how to get there. So if you're anything like me you've long since skipped over this part and just want to get to the photos...

(photo credits: Dani B, and keens)


Do you want to see what it's like to experience this hike yourself? Of course you do. So here's a shaky time lapse of our trip! Expect new youtube content in the future!

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