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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Being in the moment

What is the moment you ask? Well, I guarantee you have been there. It's that time when all of a sudden the world stands still in a single frame. The outside world is shut off. You are no longer thinking about what has past or what is yet to come. It is that moment of enlightenment. It feels surreal, almost euphoric. Your legs don't hurt from the hike and your pack is weightless. It's that view at the summit, the valley from the top of the lift, or that sunset in the middle of no where. That perfect wave, that powder run, or that single track line. It's what we chase, what keeps us coming back from more. That feeling that washes over us every time we think about it, or the goosebumps we get when we see that picture. That's the moment. So get out there. Enjoy your moment and drink it in.

-Ken K.R.